Now that you know what will the final deliverables be, when they are due, what the timeline will be, how you will communicate with the client, and what you will be showing the client along the way to get approval, you get to figure out who is doing what!

Your job today will be to decide how you are going to divvy up the work so everything gets done by 12.13.16. Now is a good time to figure out who is the project manger. This person will be responsible for checking in on everyone to make sure their projects are completed on time, and to help figure out what to do if they aren’t going to be.

Again, since you’ve never worked in teams like this before, I’m going to give you strategies for figuring this all out. For example…

These are not the only way to work in teams! There are other ways that will work better for you. So I’ll leave the final decisions on how you work up to you. However, if you find you can not come to a consensus, let me know and I will help you.