Today you will be developing a concept for a new font whose forms relate to an 11 × 11 square grid. Each box in the grid must either be “on” or “off.” You have no curves or true diagonals. You will be creating 8 letterforms A, B, C, J, P, Q, R, and W in capitals only.

Use the Adobe Illustrator grid template to create your letterforms. You can organize the 8 letterforms however you wish. You may have 8 layers, 8 artboards, 8 files, etc.

Consider proportion, weight, and structural features such as height of cross bars, how elements end, how to accommodate curves and diagonals within the grid of squares, etc.

Each letterform must be consistent and look as if it’s part of a font set. Your 8 letter forms will be due printed out at 8.5 × 11 inches for the beginning of class on 02.06 for an informal class critique.


You must upload your AI file(s) at this link by the end of the day on 02.08.18.