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As the old saying goes, hindsight is 20/20. When I teach this course next time, I’m going to make a few changes to the order of the exercises and the scope of the current exercise Analog & Digital Gridded Compositions.

Now, I could pretend things are working as planned, or I can shift gears on the current exercise. I’m choosing the latter. What does this mean for you? Simple, you are no longer going to work on your Analog & Digital Gridded Compositions. Instead, you are going to use the lessons learned from the first half of the Analog & Digital Gridded Compositions exercises and apply them to this new exercise.

What is the new exercise? You will be creating a marketing campaign for a showing of the documentary What Comes Next is the Future. The marketing campaign will consist of a save the date email announcement, a single web/splash page, and a poster. Just like the last exercise, you need to maintain visual design consistency across three mediums: email, print, and web. How do you do this? Your typographic choices will help you maintain cross medium consistency. Also, grids. Lots and lots of grids!

It’s theses typographic cross medium choices that lead me to switch to this new exercise. In this exercise you are going to be focusing on font pairs. You are required to choose two different fonts, one headline font and one font for the body copy that consists of a regular, italic regular, and bold font. You may also choose to pick a display font to use as a logotype for the documentary.

FYI: I wrote this up on the airplane on my way back from Arizona. There will be typos, a lack of clarity, and minor tweaks, but in spirit the entire exercise is here. Just buckle up and be prepared for some slight turbulence.

Font Pairs

Up until now, you have been using a single font, or a super font family. This may not be the best option for the design. Your job as a designer will be to identify and pair multiple fonts. In addition to combining fonts, you need to be able to pair font sets with images, illustrations, and color palettes that will be in your designs. To gauge if your font choices work in harmony with all the elements in your layout—before you get too far into the design process—you are going to experiment with font pairs using this font pairing template.

Font Pair Resources

Exercise Requirements

Production Schedule

Turning in Files


Actually watch the documentary! How can you design for something you know nothing about? Your job as the designer is to visually communicate the importance of the documentary to an audience, not your personal tastes!