Upload your files here by the end of the day 05.22.18.

If you have noticed my repeating theme all semester has been the importance of “Typographic Scale”. You have worked with typography ranging in scale from email on mobile devices all the way up to posters. Before the semester is over, you have one more scale to conquer, super large scale typography.

Large scale typography can take the from of way finding signage at the airport, billboards, or even advertisements on the sides of buses and trucks. For your final assignment, you are going to create large scale typography for one of the following fictitious exhibitions.

Before I give you the exact details of the project, you first need to pick which exhibition you want to design for. However, I will give you a faux location for your part of the installation. It will be in the lobby to the entrance to the Fine Arts building that faces the Performing Arts and Humanities building.


Until I give you finalized details of what you will produce, here are some historical and contemporary examples of large scale typography for inspiration.