Upload your files here by the end of the day 05.22.18.

Your next project* is to create a Typographic Coffee Table Book. You will use the photos of the type you have been taking each day. However, this isn’t just visual fluff. You will need to create a narrative that runs throughout the book.

Maybe your typographic book is actually a book of poetry that relates to the images of type. Your book could become a visitors guide to typography of Baltimore’s neighborhoods. Maybe each image has a memory about what you were doing when you took the picture, becoming a daily visual journal. This could be a book to teach children the alphabet. The narrative is up to you, just make it interesting.

The size and format is up to you as well. There are many different ways of binding books from saddle stitched to perfect binding. To determine your final size it’s best to figure out where you will be printing the book and from there determine final size. We will discuss this in detail in upcoming classes.


Production Schedule

Like the 365 Typography project, the Narrative Composition project will be completed outside of class*. Basically, this is your homework for the rest of the semester. There will be periodic checkins on your progress during class time, but you will primarily be responsible for following the production schedule yourself.


Consider getting a 13×19″ inkjet printer such as the Epson XP-15000 or simply find any 13×19″ printer you can afford. My Epson 1280 got me through undergraduate and graduate school, as well as my wedding. Literally there wasn’t a single project I couldn’t print at home the night before it was due!