The following quiz covers the material discussed in the the Text section (pages 84–146) of the required book Thinking with Type by Ellen Lupton.

This quiz is extra credit up to 30 points.

My suggestion to you: print this page out and keep it with you as you are reading the book. Answer the questions as you go and this quiz won’t be a painful experience.

  1. Thin stripes of lead divide?

  2. Who redefined typography as “discourse”?

  3. According to human-computer interaction studies how texts are used are more important than what they mean.

  4. The impatience of the digital reader arises from?

  5. Graphic designers didn’t embraced the ideas of the readerly text in the 1980s and early 1990s.

  6. Text can often provide a more specific and understandable cue than a picture.

  7. In the era of information overload…

  8. Modern designers correctly hailed pictures as a “universal” language.

  9. Typography is an interface to the alphabet.

  10. With the expansion of the Internet, what metaphors were adapted from print and architecture for web design and typography?

  11. Kerning is an adjustment of the space between…

  12. A typical indent is…

  13. From a reader’s perspective, close proximity of captions and images is an inconvenience.

  14. A visual hierarchy helps readers…

  15. Structural hierarchies help make websites understandable to…