Early Daguerreotype - Louis Jacques Daguerre Graphic Design History by Johanna Drucker and Emily McVarish.

The quiz covers the material discussed in the required readings. My suggestion to you: print this page out and keep it with you as you are reading the book. Answer the questions as you go and this quiz won’t be a painful experience.

  1. What helped increase the volume of printed material in Europe and the United States?

  2. Who invented Photography?

  3. The spread of what system in the 1830s lead to rapid distribution of goods and printed materials?

  4. What early 19th century innovation forced type designers to create new typfaces?

  5. Halftone screens enable photographs to be commerically printed in newspapers, books and magazines.

  6. When was the first American advertising agency opened?

  7. The Lineotype Machine lead to an exponential increase in the distribution of printed material.

  8. Advertising design was born out of what?

  9. What inventions direcly lead to the production of the book "Pencil of Nature?"

  10. By the 1720s, the combination of steam power, iron presses, and endgrain wood engraving released a stream of illustrated weeklies for public consumption.