The Story of the Glittering Plain 1894 - William Morris (Designer) and Walter Crane (Illustrator) Graphic Design History by Johanna Drucker and Emily McVarish and Twentieth-Century Design by Jonathan M. Woodham.

The quiz covers the material discussed in the required readings. My suggestion to you: print this page out and keep it with you as you are reading the book. Answer the questions as you go and this quiz won’t be a painful experience.

  1. The Arts & Craft Movement was a response to the Industrial Revolution.

  2. Who was considered the leader of the Arts & Craft Movement in England?

  3. When was the G.E. logo created?

  4. Who’s philosophy was the Art & Crafts Movement based on?

  5. Who were the main innovators of the Dove Press?

  6. The name Art Nouveau is the literal translation of Ukiyo-e?

  7. Aubrey Beardsley was an Illustrator from what country?

  8. What country’s art was the primary influence on Art Nouveau?

  9. Who from this group isn’t an Art Nouveau poster designer.

  10. Independently published arts and literary magazines such as Harper’s continued to be a vital cultural instrument in the 1890s.