kandinsky’s 60th birthday exhibition poster 1926 by herbert bayer 1900–1985 Graphic Design History by Johanna Drucker and Emily McVarish and Twentieth-Century Design by Jonathan M. Woodham.

The quiz covers the material discussed in the required readings. My suggestion to you: print this page out and keep it with you as you are reading the book. Answer the questions as you go and this quiz won’t be a painful experience.

  1. What was the credo of the bauhaus?

  2. Who was the director of the Bauhaus when it opened in 1919?

  3. The ABC logo was based on Herbert Bayer’s Universal Typeface.

  4. Female students at the Bauhaus were generally forced into what area of study?

  5. Who took over as instructor of the preliminary course at the Bauhaus in 1923?

  6. What town did herbert bayer and walter paepcke trun into a center for recreation and learning?

  7. What is the modern name for the school Lazlo Maholy-Nagy founded in the United States?

  8. What was the name of the typeface created by Herbert Bayer in 1925?

  9. Who was the last director of the Bauhaus?

  10. Paul Klee came up with the ideology of the Triangle, Circle and Square.