Our Allies Need Eggs poster by Herbert Bayert Graphic Design History by Johanna Drucker and Emily McVarish and Twentieth-Century Design by Jonathan M. Woodham.

The quiz covers the material discussed in the required readings. My suggestion to you: print this page out and keep it with you as you are reading the book. Answer the questions as you go and this quiz won’t be a painful experience.

  1. Depression-era programs and wartime dictates pressed designers into large scale, publicly funded information campaigns that also exposed a broad audience to cutting-edge visual trends.

  2. Who created the We Can Do It!, Rosie the Riveter poster?

  3. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, the development of the first electronic computers changed the relationship between graphics and statistics.

  4. What corporation was compared to the branding of Italy, China, Russia, Germany and America during the class lecture?

  5. The Fasci is the name of the USSR logo.

  6. Why was the Black Letter font reclaimed by Nazi designers?

  7. What post WWII policy lead to rapid industrial expansion throughout Europe?

  8. Levittown was an example of 1920s suburbia.

  9. An example of post war suburban growth, the Southdale Center was what?

  10. Japan’s post war economic exports rose by 378%.