The Medium is the Message detail by Quentin Fiore The quiz covers the material discussed during the lecture. My suggestion to you: Google is your friend if you did not take good notes. This quiz is for extra credit.

  1. When was the Man now lives in a global-sized village, and is returning to the values and perceptions of a preliterate culture. statement made?

  2. Marshall McLuhen said the Medium is the?

  3. Quentin Fiore was the designer of 1967s The Medium is the Meaning.

  4. Gesamtkunstwerk was originally conceived by?

  5. Who was first credit with conceiving technology to cope with how information would be gathered, stored, and accessed in an increasingly information-saturated world?

  6. Allan Kaprow’s Happenings could be seen as the predecessor to what?

  7. A logical connection to Michael Naimark’s work could be Google Earth.

  8. Who created the software necessary for computers to communicate and display information making the World Wide Web possible?

  9. Who was working on touch technology similar to the iPhone and iPad in the 1970s.

  10. Norbert Wiener was the father of Cybernetics.