The following is a list of the weekly readings and when it will be due.

The Enlightenment & The Industrial Revolution

Gutenberg Bible 1454
Readings & Quiz Due: 09.03.18

Photography and the birth of Mass Communications

Early Daguerreotype - Louis Jacques Daguerre
Readings & Quiz Due: 09.10.18

19th Century Design Reform & Fin de Siècle Europe

The Story of the Glittering Plain 1894 - William Morris (Designer) and Walter Crane (Illustrator)
Readings & Quiz Due: 09.17.18

The Roots of Modernism & the Avant-Garde

The Secession building 1897 - Joseph Maria Olbrich
Readings & Quiz Due: 09.24.18

Herbert Bayer & The Bauhaus

kandinsky’s 60th birthday exhibition poster 1926 by herbert bayer 1900–1985
Readings & Quiz Due: 10.01.18

The 20’s & 30’s Style

Poster for L’Intransigeant 1925 by A.M. Cassandre 1901–1968
Readings & Quiz Due: 10.08.18

WWII & Beyond

Our Allies Need Eggs poster by Herbert Bayer
Readings & Quiz Due: 10.23.18

The International Style & Corporate Identity

Apotheke Sammet Advertisement 1957 by Siegfried Odermatt
Readings & Quiz Due: 10.30.18

The New York School & The New Advertising

No Way Out Film Poster 1950 by Paul Rand 1914–1996
Readings & Quiz Due: 11.06.18

Pop, Protest & Counter Culture

Eat 1967 by Tomi Ungerer
Readings & Quiz Due: 11.13.18

Post Modernism

Michael Graves Exhibition Poster 1983 by William Longhauser
Readings & Quiz Due: 11.20.18

New Media

The Medium is the Message detail by Quentin Fiore
No Readings. Quiz Due: 12.04.18

Digital Design Post Disco

Water Poster 2002 by Luba Lukova
Readings & Quiz Due: 12.11.18