Over the course of the semester you will be completing writing assignments with the goal of improving discipline specific writing. You will specifically focus on persuasive arguments. In the industry, you need to be able to write how your designs solved a client’s problem. Whether that problem is increase sales, increased awareness, streamlining a process, etc. Each assignment with be evaluated differently and will be described in detail per project. The total points for the writing over the course of the semester will be worth 250 points.

Assignment One

The first assignment is based on the prompt “Focusing specifically on the path tech is taking and how it is evolving.” The prompt is from The Pastry Box project website. The assignment will be worth 40 points with the breakdown as follows.

Assignment Two

750 word review of either the Designed Life exhibition or the A Designed Life Designing America’s Face In The Cultural Cold War by Beverly Payeff-Masey October 23rd in FA 306 at 7:00 p.m. The assignment will be worth 60 points.

Assignment Three

2250 word research paper on any aspect you want from the prompt. Check your email on October 9th, for the actual prompt! The assignment will be worth 150 points.

Grading Rubric

Assignment Four

500–750 words, TBD, options include: