On May 25th 2010 Ethan Marcotte wrote the seminal article Responsive Web Design, the basis for the modern web. In the article Ethan discusses how fluid grids, flexible images, and media queries let websites respond to a user’s device and deliver an appropriately sized layout.

Examples of Responsive Web Design

Your assignment will be to work with your group and review one of the responsive websites listed below. After doing some research, your group will put together a 6 minute summary—no slides, just the website—for the class that covers the following:

Responsive Web Design Case Studies

  1. TechCrunch
  2. Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank
  3. National Audubon Society
  4. Microsoft
  5. CodePen
  6. Ben & Jerry’s
  7. Boston Globe


This assignment will be worth 5 points and is due by 10:50 am. Hand in a piece of paper, email me a link to a Google Doc, or email a Word Doc with the names of your group’s members, the website you studied and a couple of bullet points for each category: Goals, (Re)Design, Success, and Demo before you leave class.