You are not designing for your client. You are designing for your client’s audience and users. You will not always have direct access to your client’s audience. Even if you do have direct access, you will not have 24/7 access while the project is in the visual design phase. To work around this problem, research is done by user experience designers to fully understand audiences and users. Often, user experience designers will create personas that represent a typical audience or user.

This persona will be the baseline for whom you are designing your website for. As you are going through the visual design process, you will need to make design decisions that will move your audience or users from one of the Six Stages of Action to another. Your persona will be a constant reference point that your design choices visually sync with the client’s audience and users.


You will turn your persona in by the beginning of class on Tuesday 09.25.18. However, you will have the entire class period today to work on it. Your personas need to be saved as PDFs. Please note you will be sharing your persona’s with the entire class. This will allow everyone to use multiple personas to inform their design decisions. So please take this exercise seriously. Not all personas will be applicable to your website, so you only will reference personas that parallel your audience and users.

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Questions to answer or consider as you work on your slides

General Description


Pain Points


You should read the following two articles on creating personas.


This assignment will be worth 12 points. You can upload your files here.