In this assignment you are going to create three (minimum) or more Style Tiles for the redesign of your website. You must use either Adobe Xd CC, Bohemian Coding Sketch, or InVision Studio to create your Style Tiles. You can pick whichever program you want to work with. As I mentioned at the beginning of the semester, Sketch is the industry standard, but Xd is free and sorta familiar. Studio has built in Animation features, so don’t forget that (you will be doing animations for this project by the end of the semester)!

Style Tile Contents

As you can see in the examples listed below, Style Tiles can vary wildly as long as they serve the purpose of defining the creative direction of the project and set some guidelines for the creative team to work with. The following is an incomplete and evolving list of elements that must be included in your 1920 × 1080 pixel Style Tiles.

Assignment Timeline

09.25.18, 09.27.18 + 10.02.18

10.04.18 + 10.09.18


This assignment will be worth 12 points and will be due by 9 am on 10.04.18 via this Dropbox link.