Due by 10.16.18

I will be out of town attending NASAD’s Annual Meeting. While I’m out of town you will need to watch the presentation Responsive Design is Still Hard/Easy! Be Afraid/Don’t Worry! by Dan Mall and then read the article “Element Collages”by Dan Mall.

Once you have watched the presentation and read the article you will need to create two lists for use in class on 10.15.18. The first list will be an inventory of all the pages you anticipate your website having. The second list will be your inventory of all the elements on your website (discussed in detail during the presentation and in the article) you will need to design.

Start in class on 10.16.18

Once you have a list containing all the elements that are on the site and you have a visual direction based on the style tile, you can start designing those elements. Focus fully on the actual elements, not on their placement within the artboard. You can rearrange them later. I’ve included links to examples of element collages below. As for the number of elements: a lot, experiment. Multiples of each element…actually, multiples of multiples. This phase is about quantity and exploration of ideas. Don’t forget, your elements should be based on the choices you made in the style tiles!

Finally, create your elements on an artboard in either Sketch, Studio, or Xd. The artboard should be 2300×1440 pixels. This will allow you to proportionally scale it to fit an 11×17 inch tabloid size piece of paper in landscape. The 2300×1440 pixel dimension is also the size of larger laptops or smaller desktop screens, so make your elements with that scale in mind. You will most likely need to create multiple artboards.

To help you visualize what an Element Collage is, I’ve found a few examples. However, please keep in mind that most of the examples are the final version presented to the client. Yours should not be as neat and orderly.

Element Collage Element Collage Element Collage Element Collage Element Collage Element Collage Element Collage

Design Systems


Upload your Element Collages via this Dropbox link!