Today you will break up into four teams and create a site inventory of one of the following sites.

You will use this Google Sheet as a template to conduct your site inventory. Do not work in this document, rather copy it and create your own and share a link with me at the end of class. Be sure to include your team members name in the final inventory. Your site inventory will contain the following information that we will cover during class.

  1. Navigation Title: The name of the main navigation link to the content (e.g. the link title in the main navigation).
  2. Page Title: The displayed page title.
  3. URL: Display the URL.
  4. Content Type: Is this a basic page, publication, news story, article, technique, FAQ, or something else?
  5. Content Description: A brief, basic description that serves as a reminder about what’s on the page.
  6. Media & Downloads: List of all media on each page including: image, video and audio files.
  7. Links: List of links into and out of each page.
  8. Comments: Notes and things for you to remember. Consider listing things you liked or disliked about the page.