Now that you have content, wireframes, style tiles, and element collages, it’s finally time to start mocking up your website. You will need to mockup each of the necessary pages at 1920large, 768 medium and 375 small pixels wide using either Adobe XD CC, InVision Studio, or Sketch with either InVision or Craft plugin.

These sizes are a suggested starting point, not set in stone. For example, you may determine that your Medium sized mockup is closer to 900 pixels, or maybe 700 pixels wide. The 375 Small width may be too small for contemporary devices. It’s up to you to do the necessary research and figure out the correct size.

It’s also up to you to determine the necessary number of pages. As we have discussed in class, some of the pages could be combined into one, some content may be better split over several. You will need to tell me in class how many pages you plan on mocking up.

This will be a critique starting on 12.06.18. This will take two class periods and each student will get 12 minutes to present their work for critique and discussion.

Presentation Order

  1. Semir
  2. Macadar
  3. Nicole R.
  4. Ellen
  5. Nicol B.
  6. Alexandra
  7. David
  8. Josh
  9. Katelynne
  10. Ragda
  11. Jack
  12. Sky
  13. Briana
  14. Emely
  15. Matt
  16. Marie


This assignment will be worth 36 points and will be due at the beginning of class on 12.06.18.