Socio-Economics For this assignment you need to experience two socially and economically disparate activities. The example I used in class was changing the oil in a car. How would someone from West Baltimore do this? How would someone from Roland Park do this? Also mentioned during class, the activity can be simple as long as it’s universal across two or more different socio-economic classes.

While you are observing these activities make note of what people look like, how they talk, what they wear, how they live, what they eat, where they hang out. Spend one hour in a public place (like a park/green space, library, post office, playground, etc…) where your activities would occur and observe people. While you are observing people doing the activity, you must make note of assumptions you make about the person based on socio-economic factors.

Choose interesting people doing these activities that you observe and create visual narratives about them that you imagine to be who they are. These narratives can be illustrations, photographs or videos.

To organize your assignment post—so I can find it for grading—please title your blog entry Assignment Two: Socio-Economics.



This assignment will be worth 12 points and is due by 1 p.m. on 02.11.16.