For your project this week you will be working in groups of 3. As we are discussing complex issues dealing with food you will explore how certain food systems work. The systems that the groups will be exploring are: Fast Food, Chain Grocery Stores, Farmers Markets & Food Co-ops, and Coffee Shops (chain and local), and Public School provided lunches. Your group will decide which you will explore.

During the week your group will create a map showing where these places are located in 3 different areas of the city and how the food gets to these places, where the food originated, how much of it is packaged or processed, how a consumer purchases food in this place, the socio-economics of these places, and the cost of food in these places.

You will need to post your maps, notes and the rest of your observations to your blogs as well. Even though this is a group project, everyone must have their own separate blog entries for this assignment. Also remember to scan any notes from your journal, post relevant articles you may have read, etc. To help organize your posts, please title each blog entry “Food Systems”.

Your final presentations will show the map and all of the systems it took to deliver, consume, and price food. You will be using these presentations to teach the class about your food systems.


  1. Form groups and discuss what food system you are going to observe.
  2. Determine what information you are going to collect/trace during your observations.
  3. Create a Google Doc and send me the link with the following information:
    • Your team members’ names
    • What food system you are observing
    • Your three locations
    • What items you will be tracing within those three locations

You will need to record your research once you being observing your locations and tracing the path the food takes all the way back to its origin (think farm to table). You can post links to your research in your class blog with a post title of Food Systems.

When possible go to some of the places where the food originated from, meet the farmer, the baker, the cow or chicken! The more robust the field notes and the more steps of the food’s journey you discover, the more you will learn how to identify opportunities for social entrepreneurial intervention.


This assignment will be worth 12 points and is due by 1 p.m. on 02.25.16.