In this next phase you will start to visualize the journey food takes from the origination of individual ingredients to the end consumer as a whole/finished food product. It is important that each team member maps the same data points or the final map will not reveal any significant data.

Today you will spend the first half of class discussing your data with your team members and figuring out if you need to do further research to be consistent. Before you being the visual mapping, you first need to do an inventory of your data and visual assets.

For example, the first point on the map will be consumption and the last points will be the origins. If you were to draw this, it would look like a spider web with the center being the consumption location and individual ingredients would be the end points. You will need to figure out what data (both visual and written) will be show across this web.

This assignment will be worth 5 points and is due by 1 p.m. on 03.01.16.