Creating, Observing and Recording a User Scenario

Now that we have started to created a scenario that represents 24% of Baltimore residents it’s time further build out that scenario in order for us to look for Social Entrepreneurial interventions.

Step One: Build Out Scenario

As it stands right now, these scenarios are incomplete. It’s time to fill in the details and double check your facts. Add this information to that already listed below because you will be using the data from these scenarios to conduct your field research. Some of what’s missing:

Scenario One

Scenario Two

Scenario Three

Scenario Four

Scenario Five

Scenario Six

Step Two: Experience the Scenario

To find opportunities for Social Entrepreneurial intervention you need to experience the reality people face before you can begin to solve their problems. Over the next week your group will need to experience and record the daily aspect of peoples lives within the scenario. You will need to experience and record the following:

  1. Travel from home to work via public transportation if more than a mile walk.
  2. Travel from home to grocery store or from work to grocery store to home via public transportation if more than a mile walk.
  3. Determine if the food options will supply an adequate diet consisting of: Vegetables, Fruit, Grain, Meat and Dairy.
  4. Travel from home to daycare to work via public transportation if more than a mile walk.
  5. Travel from home or work to shopping options for non food items like clothes, shoes, and other necessities.

While you are experiencing these scenarios you need to record everything that you can. Take photos of everything you interact with and stop to journal your observations in realtime. Remember the reading Watching Closely by Christena Nippert-Eng. Everything that you record will be the foundation of your social entrepreneurial intervention.

You will need to formally present your information to the class on 04.07.16. You will have class time on 04.05.16 to prepare your group presentation. You can use class time on 03.29.16 and 03.31.16 to conduct your observations.

Observation Tips