You’ve done extensive amounts of research, observing and participating in the scenario facing 24% of Baltimore residents: living at a poverty wage. The next step is to report your findings to the rest of the class. This reporting will take place in the form of a 20 minute presentation on 04.07.16. The presentation should be about 12 minutes with another 8 minutes for questions.

The format of the presentation is entirely up to you, but you are showing people evidence of your experience in a narrative format (so the audience feels like they were there), so I think bullet points, images and video displayed through something like PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, etc., is the easiest solution.


I can not stress this enough, your presentation should be a report of the facts. Your personal thoughts should not be part of the presentation. If done correctly, the rest of the class should be able to come to the same conclusions that you did! As for your own personal observations, that will be an exercise that will be posted to your blog at a later time.