You have done a tremendous amount of work this semester. First, you learned how to observe human made systems. Next, you learned how to create realistic user scenarios for further investigation. Just recently, you learned how to analyze human made systems to find points for intervention. So now that you have done all that, it’s time to leverage all your knowledge into the creation of your own social entrepreneurial intervention.

On 05.10.16 you will give your 8 minute pitch, not presentation, to the class and possibly outside people (I will give you fair warning on this part) of your social entrepreneurial intervention. What form this takes is entirely up to you. You could actually build a prototype, create business plans outlining steps to produce your service or product, or something in between. I will be meeting with you one on one to fully flush that out.

I took the following from the Kickstarter creator handbook and I think this is a great starting point to creating your pitch by addressing the following questions. Specifically look at the question Where did this project come from? This is where you are going to cite all the research you have done this second half of the semester!

Again, through what medium you address these questions is up to you. It could be a document, website, video, etc. You will also prepare a pitch in Google Slides, Keynote, Powerpoint, or Prezi for 05.10.16.