I’m going to keep this simple. If you read the The Icarus Deception you will need to turn in a short summary of A Whole New Mind based on what was discussed in class, if you read A Whole New Mind you will need to turn in a summary of the book The Icarus Deception. If you aren’t paying attention in class it will be obvious because what you turn in will simply be a summary of what’s available online.

Everyone is going to want to know “How long?”, well it depends…but use 400 words as a guide. Things I’m that I actually care about: why are the books relevant to the class, how can you use the knowledge from the books in your own personal and professional life, what is the biggest surprise or thing you learned.


This reading will be worth 15 points. This needs to be posted to your blog by 05.09.16 or you will forget. My suggestion would be to jot down notes during the discussion and use remaining class time to fully develop your thoughts.

A Note Before You Start

The following is an ongoing list of readings that you will need to complete over the course of the semester. I will usually begin checking that you have posted responses to the readings on your course blog on Wednesdays. This will give you just under a week to complete them.

Some reading responses will be have specific objectives, others will be general. For reading responses that don’t have specific requirements here are a few things to keep in mind as you write your response.

Your reading responses will generally be worth 5 points.

Your reading responses will need to be posted to your assigned class blog which we will discuss during the first class.