To begin to learn how to observe, your first assignment due 09.05.17, will be to go to a community event you normally wouldn’t go to. A good example might be a city council meeting, a church festival, a political rally or protest, etc. The key to this project is to do something you’ve never done before and would never think of or want to do. The event doesn’t have to be in Baltimore.

While at the event, record four different observations. Record one observation for each of the following topics: Government, Commerce, Food, and Media. Since this is a design class, you must record each of your four observations in any medium of your choice including: Illustration, Photography, Video, or Sound.

You can mix and match recording methods. Be prepared to present to the class on 09.05.17 your observations in any manner you deem appropriate. You can use your phone to record these observations, but in the future I suggest using higher end recording equipment. Future observations will become assets for future projects and the class/group project. You can also use this opportunity to hone your skills with higher end equipment.

After class on the 5th I will email you a request from Dropbox for you to send me your observations.


This assignment will be worth 12 points.