Over the course of the next several weeks you will be asked to conduct research to find potential problems that will be the basis for future work. Take this “Discovery Phase” of the project very, very seriously. All the data that you collect will be included in a case study that you will be creating. As you collect the data, think about quantity and quality. You want both of these! You will receive a grade each time you are asked to collect the data.

Base Location

To conduct this research, each team will be asked to complete a task that relates to a specific human-made system. The destination for each task will be different, but each will originate from West Baltimore, or Old Goucher/Station North. We will discuss strategies to do this safely, so don’t panic.

Team Leaders

The class will be split into three teams. Each team will have a volunteer leader who gets to choose which team they want to lead. If we have more than one volunteer for a specific team, a coin will be flipped or a name will be drawn from a hat to choose the leader. The rest of the teams will be randomly assigned by drawing names from a hat. The team leaders are the brave soles who see the value of this kind of research and will conduct it even if the rest of the team falls apart.

Team Food

Team Members

Team Commerce

Team Members

Team Transportation

Team Members

*Ok, you don’t have to buy anything. You just need to find the prices. Since you won’t get a receipt, take pictures of the price tag to record your findings.

Teams must take public transportation, bike, or walk to complete these tasks. If you want to create meaningful and useful products and services you need to do the actual research. Simply pretending that you know how people complete these daily tasks from Google and Google Maps is not enough.

Recording Observations

As your team conducts this research photograph and video journal everything! Think about recording every aspect of the system: how did you get the money, pass, information, times, etc. The more data you collect, the better off your team will be, and the more compelling your portfolio case study will be.

Assignment Timeline


The reading Watching Closely will be worth 12 points and due on 09.14.17. Respond with how you would have used the insights gained from the reading on the previous assignment and how it will help you with your next assignment. Your response needs to be at least 250 words and less than 500 words. Along with your written response, I will send you a file request to submit the recordings you created for the Do Something New: Attend a Community Event assignment so check your junk/spam folder if you don’t see it by the end of the day today.



This assignment will be worth 10 points.



The Team Presentations will be worth 12 points.




The Final Team Presentations will be worth 40 points.