Now that you have collected data and arrived at a theme, it is time to analyze that data individually. To begin to accomplish this you are going to create a persona that represents the typical user of the system you observed that are related to the theme uncovered in the affinity mapping session. This persona will be the baseline for whom you are designing your intervention for. You will need to answer each of the following questions to begin to create your persona. Each student, not team, will need to create a persona.


You will formally present (Google Slide, Keynote, Powerpoint, etc.) your persona to the class on Thursday 10.05.17 along with your written narrative. You will roughly have 5 minutes to present. Please note you will be sharing your persona’s with the entire class. This will allow everyone to use multiple personas for their research and process case study. So please take this exercise seriously.

Slide One

Slide Two

Questions to answer or consider as you work on your slides

General Description


Pain Points


You will need to read the following two articles on creating personas.


This assignment will be worth 12 points. You can upload your files here.