Now that you have studied different human made systems, analyzed them for their strengths and weaknesses, discovered reoccurring themes within those systems, and created a persona who is affected by the system, it is time for you to make an intervention. Your job between now and the end of the semester is to create a prototype or actual service/product to solve one of the problems we identified (see below) in the class critique of the systems.

Everyone’s project will be different, or the same, so don’t get caught up in what your classmates are doing. Focus on making the best prototype or actual service/product you can!

Once you have the persona, you then will write a one page (500 words or less statement) of what you plan on creating to intervene in one of the three issues listed above that we discovered. You will also need to map out how a user will interact with your intervention beyond buttons. Think of things like:

This will be due on 10.10.17 and discussed in class.

Reoccurring Themes


Google Maps is (usually) Unreliable

Bus Stops and Routes