Now that you have pitched your idea and have done a Heuristic Evaluation of competing or parallel products and services, it’s time to start designing! However, what are you going to design? For you to design a button, a map, a time table, etc., you need to what elements are needed when someone uses your product or service. So, your next task is to create a Diagram, then Wireframes for each stage of the User Flow/Journey. Once you are armed with this information, you can start the visual design process.

User Flow/Journey

To help guide you in the visual design process, you will rely on a User Flow/Journey Map. This map of how a user completes a task with your product or service, usually created by the UX team, let’s both the visual designers and developers know what features will need to be designed and developed.

Now it’s your turn to create a User Flow/Journey Map for your product or service. Start with the first screen the user will see, and then map out the paths they will be able to take. This process is very fluid, and is usually done with cards or post-it notes since things will change as you get further into the process. So don’t treat this as a precious object. You’ll be changing things as you go!

To help you visualize what a User Flow/Journey is I’ve attached a few examples. The User Flow/Journey Map is due on 10.14.17. Wireframes are not necessary (actually discouraged) for 10.14.17.


This assignment will be worth 12 points. You can upload your files here.