Your patience is finally being rewarded! Now that you have done a lot of user experience research to inform you design decisions, it’s time to begin designing. Since most of you are seniors, and really close to graduation, I’m not going to tell you how to conduct the design process. If you don’t make tons of thumbnails, makes lots of different iterations of comps by now, you haven’t been paying attention during your time here. So, instead of giving you precise requirements, I’m giving you a set of milestones to meet.

Between now and 11.28 you will be designing and presenting your work to the class and to me at different stages. These presentations will be informal, so they may be impromptu, structured, who knows! Also during this time, you’ll have to start mocking up your case study for the project, but that will be formalized in a different blog post, so stay tuned!

  1. Thumbnail designs for different components of your intervention. This could include physical objects like kiosks, branding items like logos, or apps and web site components. Due 10.24.17
  2. Revise thumbnails to include more details. Due 10.31.15
  3. Turn revised thumbnails into computer comps. Due 11.07.15
  4. Revise computer comps. Due 11.14.15
  5. Final computer comps presentation. Due 11.28.17
  6. Final computer comps digital files. Due 12.19.17


The final product or service will be worth 36 points and will be due by 8 a.m. on 12.19.17. You must upload the files here. Remember this along with your prototypes and user testing research is your final exam!