The term “Prototype” is used a lot, and it can describe many different things. Developers make prototypes that demonstrate the basic functionality of an application. Industrial Designers make a one off “Concept Car” or prototype before a car will go into full production. Even the Mythbusters create prototypes to test out their theories before creating a large scale version of an experiment. Within the context of this class, a prototype will be defined as “The visual design and user journey of your product or service as viewed on actual devices utilizing InVision or Adobe Xd.”

However, simply getting your clickable prototype onto a device isn’t enough! You need to actually get users to test your clickable prototype and you need to record their response to analyze later. To get the full amount of points, you will need to find two (non-designers) to use your clickable prototype undirected/unprompted by you. You will also need the tester to fill out a Heuristic Evaluation that you put together, or you will need to video record them using the prototype (so you can conduct a Heuristic Evaluation at a later time).


This assignment will be worth 36 points. You must upload your files here. There will be in progress critiques starting on 12.05.17 that will continue regularly up until the final class on 12.12.17. You can earn 12 points per additional user test conducted and recorded.