Your final task for the semester will be to create a Case Study about your project. As you’ve heard me drone on about all semester, it is critical that your present your work in the form of a case study for potential employers. So, instead of doing a final in class presentation, you are going to present your case study to the class. You will have 5 minutes to show the class your case study and discuss your approach.

Your case study should mimic a website portfolio page. You are welcome to actually build your case study page with HTML and CSS. However, all I’m expecting is pdf representation of what your page will look like. For the sake of getting through 17 presentations in 110 minutes, make your pdf 1280 pixels wide. You will upload the file by 8 a.m. on 12.12.17 and will be presenting from my computer.

Tip: You can use animation/video in your case study to help demonstrate how a user will interact with your application.

Resources on Creating Case Studies

Example Case Studies


The case study will be worth 24 points and will be due by 8 a.m. on 12.12.17. You can upload the file here. Remember this along with your prototypes and user testing research is your final exam!